Sergei Zorov. "Venetian sketches "

Location:Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Sergei Zorov. "Venetian sketches "
"Venetian sketches "2011 Expressionism, oil on Canvas. 60x80 cm
Picture of the author. On the back side of the author's signature (Venetian sketches of H. M. 2011, zorov, S. 1956, p)
The painting is framed-prints, dark colors, a width of 4 cm On the inside of the baguette patterned edging in silver color.
The picture is painted in the artist's Studio. On the basis of sketches made from nature in pencil.
The technique of impressionism, a vivid experience, brought from Italy. In the picture visible expression. This is a clear onslaught on the viewer of the beauty and unique harmony of the Creator and nature.
Movement of the surface of the water, the rhythm with which it comes in motion all that is reflected on the surface, the play of lines from light to bright and bottomless black, the movement of color throughout the palette, which is only in the nature, fascinating. No indifferent person looking at the water, this kaleidoscope of movements.
This rhythm coincides with the rhythm of human life.
Picture will beautify and create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home.
Post a picture of the recommended near the area. The heat emanating from it would contribute to rest and relaxation.
• the painting is sold with a frame;
• careful packing to avoid the damage of the picture;
• delivery to the door
• a surprise gift.
About the artist
Работа над картинами, над портретами, сюжетными полотнами, и скульптурой неустанно проходящая прямой линией через всю жизнь художника, является основной целью жизни художника.
«Огненное солнце, раскалённые пески, голубые миражи» – это всё в сердце художника, это и есть то место, где родилась мечта. Не потерять мечту в течении жизни, сохранить то лучшее, что дала человеку природа от рождения и донести это до людей задача художника
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