Sergey Sysov. Curator of the World

Location:Russia, Omsk
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Sergey Sysov. Curator of the World
Painting: Oil on Cardboard.

An attempt to explore the development of the universe through the prism of man and art. Pop art as a national treasure of America, Sots art, as a latent irony on the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union could coexist together in the 20th century ... A game of contrasts, like a mirror, as a reflection of vices and possessions at the same time, as a force of movement, where everyone himself have the right to choose a vector, path, direction ...
About the artist
I explore the themes of human personalization and depersonalization, the influence of external factors on the personality of a person, the parallels between character traits and the techniques of fine art in my works. The past and the present, life and death, religion and science, rhythm and rest. Finding the points of contact with inspiration in unexpected and the most secret corners of my consciousness, I want to show the world my own personality and attitude through creativity. I work under the alias Sys.