Shestovskiy K. F. - "seashore"
Artist Shestovskiy Kim F. (1935). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: with frame - 38х54 see the BSSR, V. XX

Shestovskiy Kim F. (1935 R. D. Leuke Orsha district), the Belarusian artist.
Kim Shestovskiy - the work of the representative of the Belarusian classical painting stands out compositional accuracy and purity, an enlightened romantic and spiritual elevation. br>
the Artist "seeks to capture elusive for a hasty glance transition States of nature". br>
"Often in painting Lastovskoho found the image of the mysterious ship sails, symbolizing the dream of eternal harmony. The paintings of the painter of monumental embody themes of life. With much love, the artist paints landscapes of the Belarusian nature. He is not only a high professional level, but also the pursuit of philosophical generalization seen through the prism of a deep sense of patriotism."
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