Sidorenko A. M. "Tea and cake", 2007

Sidorenko A. M. "Tea and cake", 2007
Artist Sidorenko Anatoly Mikhailovich. Hardboard, oil. Dimensions: 46х46 see Belarus, 2007
Born October 19, 1955 in the village of Shatili the Gomel region. In the just-started being built in Svetlogorsk, he goes to school, visits the art room at the House of pioneers, which led V. I. Baranov and N. K. Dokuchaev. The interest in the visual arts with age, it is not cooled and Anatoly in 1973 he entered the Vitebsk pedagogical Institute on art-graphic faculty, from which he graduated in 1978.

Returning to his hometown, with whom he is associated entire life, he much time he spends on creative work, actively exhibited in conjunction with artists of Svetlogorsk. Since 1985, he begins to exhibited at regional exhibitions in Gomel and then to the Republican in Minsk. More than twenty years he works as a teacher in art school in the city of Svetlogorsk.

Sidorenko A. M. was brought up on the works of Svetlogorsk artists of the older generation, but did not become a landscape painter. It attracts people living in a provincial town, where life seems to him to be monotonous and unattractive. The impression one gets when smotrikino his genre paintings, which he pays the most attention. I think "genre" can be called and his still lifes, which are part of the everyday life of a person. As genre paintings and still lifes are kept in color, simple in composition, but they contain an inner meaning, and reflection of the artist on the Genesis.
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