“The Sculpture Horses Of Marla's Guillaume Bush”

€ 2 700
Location: France, Paris
The Sculpture "Horses Of Marla's" Guillaume Bush
Lot 1501 — A Sculpture "Horses Of Marly"
Antique bronze sculpture “Horses of Marly”

The model author — Guillaume Cousteau the elder (Guillaume Coustou the Elder), (1677-1746), French sculptor. Was one of the court artists of Louis XIV and Louis XV. His works adorn the galleries and courtyards of the Louvre. The most beautiful and famous work of Bush, is a sculptural group of "horse Tamers" (or "the Horse of Marley" is translated from French Chevaux de Marly).
Bronze sculpture of very high quality casting, embossing, beautiful brown patina.
France, mid-nineteenth century.
ID: 6841

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