Shmatov, V. F., “Motherhood”, 1970

Shmatov, V. F., “Motherhood”, 1970
Artist Shmatov, V. F., hardboard, oil. Dimensions: 30x40 cm BSSR, 1970. Shmatov Victor F. (09.05.1936 - 23.09.2006 g). Born in Komarin of Bragin district. Belarusian art critic, artist. Doctor of arts (1969). Was a researcher of ancient modern book and easel Belarus. Author of monographs about the ancient Belarusian engraving of the Belarusian chart, topics "Modern Belarusian graphics" (1982) for the "History of arts of the USSR", "Miniature" and "Engraving" to "the history of Belarusian art" (1987.) Author of cartoons and caricatures for the magazine “Vozhyk” (1960-1970). He was Director of the country's only Museum of ancient Belarusian culture. For creativity shmatova characteristic of the Polesia
subjects, because their childhood and youth he spent in the woodland. Most of his paintings he painted from nature and so they are characterized by realism of life.
the Author of many famous paintings and a huge number of articles and publications.
Repeatedly exhibited his works abroad. With special successful exhibition in 1995. in France.
member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Are in the National Museum, the museums of France, Germany, and Switzerland.
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