Smbat Bagdasarian. Ararat

Location:Russia, Moscow
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Smbat Bagdasarian. Ararat
At this time, Ararat was a little haze. Small wind dispersed it by noon. Things will change, but so far the Ararat mountains majestically hangs in the air, tempting beckon!
About the artist
I'm a graphic artist. Finished ERGHY in 1998, also before 1990 passed one-year course of animation. In his work engaged in graphics, painting, but more watercolor. In my work there is also a lot of prints (book design, illustrations, covers, design).
Participated in different years in various regional and international exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, Egypt, France, great Britain, etc.
  • 00.00.2015 Elements, London
  • 00.00.2015 Elements 2, Noterhill, London