Smbat Bagdasarian. Budgerigars on grenades

Location:Russia, Moscow
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Smbat Bagdasarian. Budgerigars on grenades
Watercolor, Fabriano watercolor paper, brushes, kolinsky, squirrel.
Elegant pattern for bird lovers! One of the budgies is resting ,the other, full of energy to jump from branch to branch, very typical of these birds behavior.
P. S All the paintings I create for myself, and so don't use cheap tricks and hack! The quality and creativity guaranteed!
About the artist
I'm a graphic artist. Finished ERGHY in 1998, also before 1990 passed one-year course of animation. In his work engaged in graphics, painting, but more watercolor. In my work there is also a lot of prints (book design, illustrations, covers, design).
Participated in different years in various regional and international exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, Egypt, France, great Britain, etc.
  • 00.00.2015 Elements, London
  • 00.00.2015 Elements 2, Noterhill, London