sword bureaucratic Аненская19 century

sword bureaucratic Аненская19 century
sword bureaucratic Anenska

Russia 19th century

"For bravery"

The total length is 812 mm

Blade length-680 mm

The width of the blade 18 mm

Blade: steel, straight, duesbery, without dolov, decorated with etched ornament.

Brass hilt consists of a handle and crossguard. The handle twisted, cast. The head of the arm is spherical, with button on top, decorated with embossed floral ornament. On top of hilt notched trim down thickening with curly ornaments.

Garda formed by a cross with a shield and a protective arc. Sitik semicircular, with raised double-headed eagle; on the breast of the eagle there is an image of St. George on the background of the shield. The bow is decorated with a relief vegetative ornament
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