“Shramchenko M. P. Charter 1913”

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Shramchenko, M. P. Charter 1913
Shramchenko, M. P. the Charter of criminal proceedings. 1913

Statutes on criminal law (St. Zach. T. XVI, part 1, ed. 1892, cont. 1906, 1908-1910), with later laws, the legislative motives, a clarification of the Senate and the circulars of the Ministry of Justice. Compiled by a Member of the Kharkov Court Chamber, M. P., Shramchenko and Comrade Procurator Criminal Cassation Department of the governing Senate V. P. Shirokov. Sixth edition, revised and enlarged. Edition unofficial. St. Petersburg, Russia. Publishing Legal Bookshop N.To.Martynov, Commissioner Of State Printing. 1913 LXXXII, p. 1368 Size 18х26 see Original publishing half-bound era with gold stamping on the spine
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