Stall.The painting “the Four horses”, XIX - n. XX centuries.

Stall.The painting “the Four horses”, XIX - n. XX centuries.
Artist: Konstantin stall (1850 - 1924) category 4 according to Soloviev (p. 1235). Oil on canvas. Sizes: 40x80 cm, Russia, the XIX - beginning of XX centuries the STALL CONSTANTINE (1850-1924) Bulgarian origin. In the 1880s he graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of arts. The artist with a terrific sense of light and shadow. The author of the paintings depicting horses, scenes of hunting and racing, genre paintings on the theme of the military life of the Cossacks. Works are in museums of Europe and private collections.
His compositions with horses are in great demand on the Antiques market. Many of the works are kept in the South African meeting George Bibikova - representative of an old noble family and a descendant of Russian immigrants.
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