“Sucharipa N. F - beet” XX century.”

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Sucharipa N. F - “beet”, XX century.
Sucharipa Nikolay Filippovich (1925). Oil on cardboard. Sizes: 41,5х64 5 cm of the USSR, the XX century Nikolay Filippovich Sucharipa was born in 1925 in the village of Vyshnopil ' Cherkasy region. Grandson by the mother of the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Izhakevich Sidorovich ( 1864 - 1962 ). In June 1941, Nikolai Sucharipa finished seventh grade, and in 1942 was deported to Germany for forced labor. After the escape attempt was imprisoned in a concentration camp. In late 1944, Nikolai managed to escape, to cross the front line and join the Soviet Army. Fought in Austria, Romania and Yugoslavia. After the war he continued service in Romania and was discharged in 1950. N. F. Sucharipa graduated from the Kiev art Institute. Participant of art exhibitions. Worked in easel painting. Author thematic paintings, portraits and landscapes. Mastered the technique of mosaic and stained glass. One of the first works was the mosaic panel “the Campaign of Prince Igor” on the stele at the entrance to the city of Novgorod-Seversky. He created the monumental painting “Yuri Gagarin”, “Chernobyl”, “famine”, a mosaic image of Jesus Christ in St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev. For a long time Sucharipa N. F. worked as a designer for the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Artist productions “Ukrainian Requiem,” “Haydamaky,” and many others. the works of N. F. Shorepy represented in Museum, gallery and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.
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