Tatiana Ignat. Christmas Morning

Location:Moldova, Chisinau
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Tatiana Ignat. Christmas Morning
“Christmas Morning” – 2018, watercolor, paper, 29*42 cm, 11,42*16,54 inches.
Original artwork. It is signed. Unframed.
Every painting by Tatiana Ignat comes with a certificate of authenticity.
This certificate is used as proof of the authenticity of the artwork.

Painter: Tatiana Ignat.

Artwork can be pictured in technique of oil painting.

The paintings are shipping unframed. You can frame the paintings in a regional picture shop or wherever picture frames are.
Also the painting can be framed by your request. Contact me with any questions.

"Утро Рождества" - 2018, акварель, бумага, 29*42 см, 11,42*16,54 дюйма - без оформления.
Автор: Татьяна Игнат.
Авторская работа. Подписана.

На заказ может быть изготовлена работа маслом другого размера.
About the artist
My name is Tatiana Ignat.
I am professional painter living in Chisinau Moldova.

Many things inspire me: bright colors and nuances, patterns and ornaments. They are captivating and charming.
I am inspired by nature: flowers, landscapes and seasons.

I adore city panoramic views … Klimt’s paintings ….fire shows …. and remarkable persons….
… Autumn fragrance of fallen leaves, moisture and veil…
Topics and subjects of the paintings come to me on its own. There are a lot of pictures, images and styles in my head and I need to pick out the most interesting from them which I ‘ll paint.

It is extremely pleasant when you are interested in my paintings.
I am achieving my paintings to be beautiful, pleasing to the eye and clear.
I would like my paintings make to feel inspiration,
sometimes delight or admiration,
calmness, sometimes elation.

I dream my paintings make feel growing wings behind your back, dear viewer!

Thank you for visiting my shop!

Additional information:

- credibility, carefulness and thoroughness in the execution of the order
- optimal terms in the execution of the order which are taking into account quality and quickness

Quality is highly appreciated in my creation.
That’s why I use only expensive high-quality best materials: paper, paints, canvases.

I DO NOT USE subframes (stretched bars) purchased in the store because they can warp after 3-4 years under the influence of temperature difference, the tension of the canvas or thin wood.