Tatiana Iurasova. The picture of the "Gold life"

Location:Russia, Samara
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Tatiana Iurasova. The picture of the "Gold life"
The painting is executed in original technique of watercolor and acrylic.

The painting depicts an abstraction that resembles a bouquet of flowers which lights up and plays different tones. Golden glow gives the picture of luxury and adventure. The combination of blue and red is one of the most stylish and modern combinations.

The picture is an unforgettable accessory that will look stylish in the interior and to decorate the home or office. It can be put on a shelf or hang on the wall or to complement the collection.

Placed in a frame. Size without a frame 15*10 cm frame Size 21*16 cm
About the artist
Художник Татьяна Юрасова - Venera Atm.
Духовный художник. Абстракционист. Несу искусство нового времени.
Пишу картины о любви, счастливой жизни, радости, красоте, силе добра, гармонии, Рае, Вселенной, Мироздании.
Обучалась искусству и живописи всю жизнь. Обладаю духовными знаниями. Совместила красоту живописи и сверх знания.
В моем искусстве Вы можете увидеть свечения светлых энергий, которые дают заряд новой жизни и вдохновляют на создание счастливого пространства любви и красоты.

Artist Tatyana Iurasova - Venera Atm.
I'm spiritual artist. Abstractionist. I bring the modern art.
I paint pictures about love, a happy life, joy, beauty, the power of goodness, harmony, Paradise, the Universe.
I'm studied art and painting all my life. I have spiritual knowledge. I combined the beauty of painting and beyond knowledge.
In my art you can see the glow of bright energies that give a charge to a new life and inspire to create a happy space of love and beauty.