Tatiana Ostapenko. New Earth (Ukraine)

Location:Ukraine, Berehove
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Tatiana Ostapenko. New Earth (Ukraine)
Updated Land after the battle of Light and darkness -- the female image of purity (white wreath),tenderness and creativity .
She - the personification of the vibration of Harmony which symbolizes the cello in her hand .
She-the personification of freedom , symbolized by sitting on the arm of a bird.
She-- beyond time -- for the tape,which kept the watch broken , watch soar next to her.
On her flying feather as a symbol of easy movement forward to the amazing-fabulous life.
Behind her on the ground, bottom right ,is struck by a spear the dragon ,the symbol of defeated evil .
Her limitless possibilities in which it is floating....
About the artist
Graduated from Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture:
Architect, designer, artist.

Autor*s exhibition:

The Kharkiv Gallery “ Maestro”—2004.

Autor*s exhibition.
The Kharkiv Gallery “ Maestro”—2006.

All-Ukranian art exhibition dedicated to the 165th anniversary of I.Repin.

All-Ukranian art exhibition dedicated to the Artist*s Day .

International Exhibition “FINEART UKRAINE 2010.”

All-Ukranian art exhibition”Christmas”

All-Ukranian art exhibition”Christmas”

All-Ukranian cultural and creative project
“Malovnicha Ukraine,art exhibition”
Cherkasy –2014.

Autor*s exhibition .The Palas of Culture.

Autor*s exhibition .The Castle Rakocci .

Autor*s exhibition .
The Castle St.Miklosh .
Chinadiyevo --2018.