Tatiana Ostapenko. And night will be no more.

Location:Ukraine, Berehove
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Tatiana Ostapenko. And night will be no more.
A little angel hovers above the Ground ,it gathers as the fabric -- the night sky-- and night will be no more on Earth ,will be only light ....The work symbolizes the exit of humanity out of duality.
Angel - a symbol of purity and all that is best in man.It is best in each and is able to change the person and the world,which must come. On the ground under the angel of the Church -- are seen as a symbol of unshakable faith in a beautiful future on earth.
About the artist
Graduated from Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture:
Architect, designer, artist.

Autor*s exhibition:

The Kharkiv Gallery “ Maestro”—2004.

Autor*s exhibition.
The Kharkiv Gallery “ Maestro”—2006.

All-Ukranian art exhibition dedicated to the 165th anniversary of I.Repin.

All-Ukranian art exhibition dedicated to the Artist*s Day .

International Exhibition “FINEART UKRAINE 2010.”

All-Ukranian art exhibition”Christmas”

All-Ukranian art exhibition”Christmas”

All-Ukranian cultural and creative project
“Malovnicha Ukraine,art exhibition”
Cherkasy –2014.

Autor*s exhibition .The Palas of Culture.

Autor*s exhibition .The Castle Rakocci .

Autor*s exhibition .
The Castle St.Miklosh .
Chinadiyevo --2018.