“The woman with the nose” Canvas Oil paint 2019

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Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Lvov
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Tatyana Belousova. The woman with the nose
"The woman with the nose"
She's looking at? See what? Where? She was tired and the sight is directed to nowhere or is he full of bitterness and anger and looks at the tyrannical man? And, perhaps she is dismissive evaluates something... or nostalgic looks at a small photo frame and are ready to move on to a new life?... Who is she? Slave? Actress? Single woman or wife of a loving husband? Mistress?...The mother of seven children or Babysitting for other people?... Where is it located?.... This nose her pride or punishment? ... these and many other questions arise when looking at this picture. And of course, every issue is not about her... it reflects the inner world of the beholder...
ID: 20939
Artist: Tatyana Belousova (b. 1987)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 40 x 50 x 2 cm
Framing: Unframed
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Information about the artist

Я художник-любитель. Пишу картины, вкладывая в них душу. Продана только одна, по причине того, что мне срочно нужны были деньги. Все остальные я дарю близким мне людям, ведь в них частичка меня, моего мира, которая приняла обличие в образах изображенных на полотнах. Картины очень живые, вызывают много эмоций. Я психотерапевт, арт-терапевт и использую при написании их особые методики. Некоторые работы написаны грудью.