TLF Fox Community NFT 100 pcs. Mei Sheng Hime anime Hu Xiaojiu Digital painting Algorithmic painting Algorithmic painting China (1903-1982) 2021 2021-2023年

Condition: | Available | China, Nanyangurbs-HenanProvince
$ 20 000
TLF Fox Community NFT
The fox who lost the little prince came to the meta-universe, and said: "If you tame me, you will be unique in my world."" The little fox has many identities in the meta-universe, it can be an adventurer, Santa Claus, a rider, an archaeologist, the only constant is that it becomes happy because of you.

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Dengzhou Meishengji Animation Design Studio
No. 001 Zhangzhai Community, Taoying Town, Dengzhou City
474150 Nanyangurbs-HenanProvince
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