Oil painting “Pear blossom”, 10 x 12 in, Contemporary, Flower still life, Ukraine, 2022

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Location: Ukraine, Zavadivka
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Valerie Lazareva. Pear blossom
Pear blossom
Oil on panel
24 x 30 cm
2022 year
ID: 47351
Artist: Valerie Lazareva (b. 1987)
Originality: Pear blossom by Vaerie Lazareva
Year of manufacture: 2022
Medium: 10 x 12 in, 30 x 24 cm, oil on panel
Size: 24 x 30 x 0.3 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Contemporary, Impressionist
Стилистик эра:
Genre: Flower still life, Still life, fruits still life
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Country or place of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Oil painting, Painting, art
Keywords: Bloom, Spring, blossom, fruit, pears

Information about the artist

My name is Valerie and I am a self taught artist.

♥ I live in a small country in Ukraine. Five years ago I moved from town to a village in the mountains. I'm an introvert so I feel great in unity with nature. I love Forest and Silence, Sky and Birds, Animals and Flowers, Rainbow, Light and ART!

A little about my work:

♥ I create painting oil and credit card. I am sorry that most people are fixated on money, and in the pursuit of money lose their inner light.

♥ My technique is another attempt to go beyond. Since childhood, we are taught to do everything correctly, a coloring book needs to be painted carefully without beyond the contours … but it is much more interesting and emotional to draw with several felt-tip pens at the same time and in different directions!

♥ In my work, a huge place is occupied by the image of animals, especially cats. Since childhood, I have had allergies and it has progressed. At 25, I could no longer be in the room where the cat is, as I began to choke. It was scary. Now I have cats in my house that sleep on my head. For me, these animals have become a symbol of the fact that in this world a miracle can become a reality!

♥ Once I was very surprised to learn that a ray of light contains all the colors of the rainbow. Over time, I began to see this in the world around me. That is what I am trying to show in my painting. This is my inspiration!

♥ With my work, I want to remind people that we live in order to enjoy and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. To take care, help and protect. And not to destroy, not to suppress and not to subjugate. To shine with happiness and give it to others.

♥ My paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Germany, Canada, USA, United Kingdom and geography is expanding.

2015 - International exhibition "Day of Kyiv on St. Andrew." Kiev. Ukraine
2015 - Art Project "Kharkiv". Kharkiv. Ukraine