Vasiliev V. V. “still life”, 1981

Vasiliev V. V. “still life”, 1981
Artist Vasilyev Vasily V. (1954). Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: with frame - 39х49 see Byelorussian SSR, 1981 Vasilyev Vasily V. was born 02.12.1954, Orsha Vitebsk region.
he Studied at the graphic Department of Vitebsk pedagogical Institute named after Sergei Kirov (1977-1982), in the monumental-decorative Department at the Belarusian state theatre and art Institute/1991 the Belarusian state Academy of arts (1987-1992) at Gabriel Vashchenko.
Since 1992 teaches at the Department of design in Vitebsk technological Institute of light industry (the Vitebsk state technological University)/ 1995-the Vitebsk state technological University (VSTU).
Laureate (the Grand Prix) the first international plein-air "Malevich. UNOVIS. Modernity" (Minsk, 1992).
the Association "4-63" (Polatsk, 1989-1991), the monumental art section of the Union of artists of Belarus (since 1992).
Living in Vitebsk.
Works in easel painting, author of a number of conceptual projects ("Air. Water. Land", "Z", "REX", "path of blood").
his Works are in the collections of the art gallery of Polotsk historical and cultural Museum-reserve, Vitebsk art Museum (branch of Vitebsk regional local history Museum), funds of the Belarusian Union of artists.
Participant of exhibitions since 1978.
Main exhibitions:
1986 — exhibition hall in Novopolotsk (together with Boris Ivanov).
1987 — Republican exhibition "In the land of blue lakes" in Polotsk.
1987 — exhibition "Youth of the Republic" (Palace of arts, Minsk).
1988 — all-Union exhibition of young artists (Moscow).
1988 — exhibition of works by artists of the socialist countries (Manege, Moscow).
1989-1991 — exhibition of the Association "4-63" (Novopolotsk, Bobruisk, Polotsk).
1989 — exhibition of the all-Union creative group of young artists, the creative House named after Konstantin Korovin (Gurzuf, Crimea).
1989 — exhibition in Union of artists in Minsk (in collaboration with Oleg Radiovym).
1989 — Republican exhibition "Youth-89" (Palace of arts, Minsk).
1991 — all-Union youth exhibition (the Central House of Artist, Moscow).
1991 — international project "the wandering Jew" (Palace of arts, Minsk).
1991 — exhibition "Search and experiment" (Palace of arts, Minsk).
1991 — "Art-myth 2" (Manege, Moscow).
1993 — the "6-I line-II" (gallery "the 6th line", Minsk).
1994 — individual artistic action "Proekt-Z" in five venues of Vitebsk.
since 1999, author and curator of the annual project ABSTRACT.
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