Vasily Ptyukhin. New faith

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Vasily Ptyukhin. New faith
By the end of IV century Christianity became established in nearly all provinces of the Roman Empire. 340-ies to the efforts of Bishop Wulfila it penetrates to the tribes ready. The Goths adopted Christianity in the form of Arianism, which dominated in the West for the Empire. As you move the Visigoths to the West and spread Arianism. In the V century in Spain it was adopted by the tribes of the vandals and Suevi. in Galin - Burgundians and then the Lombards. Orthodox Christianity adopted the Frankish king Clovis. Political reasons led to the fact that by the end of VII century. in most parts of Europe established the Nicene creed. In the fifth century Christianity was introduced by the Irish. By this time, the activities of the legendary Apostle of Ireland St. Patrick.
The Christianization of the barbarian peoples was carried out mainly from the top. In the minds of the masses of the people continued to live pagan ideas and images. The Church assimilated these images, adapted them to Christianity. The pagan rituals and holidays with new, Christian content.
About the artist
Vasily Ptyukhin was born in 1948. He graduated from the Far Eastern
Institute of Arts. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Laureate
of the International Fund «Cultural Heritage». Participant of regional,
all-Russian and foreign exhibitions. Participant in the open-air in the
Vologda, Bryansk, Tver and Vladimir regions, in Spain and Montenegro.
Awarded with diplomas and letters of appreciation of regional
and city administrations, as well as of the Union of Artists of Russia.