Vase "Galle". France, beginning of XX century.

Vase "Galle". France, beginning of XX century.
Glass. Height: 29.5 cm France, early XX century.

Glass Galle for the past half century enjoyed extraordinary popularity not only among art connoisseurs but also among connoisseurs of fine interiors and home comfort, being an indispensable sign of respectability and gentility. Galle vase decorated with images of flowers, dragonflies and butterflies to evoke a romantic mood. A beam of light falling on glass creates a unique play of light and shadows, enlivening the image. Amazing depth and soft unobtrusive colors, which fades from one to the other, mesmerized by the sight. the
Pictorial motifs typical floral preferences of the school of Nancy art Nouveau, the largest of which was the artist Emile gallé (1846 - 1904). The proposed method of refining laminated glass carved in cameo technique was developed in the manufacturing factory (own factory Halle was founded in Nancy in 1892) by etching. To create the effect of a cameo in an industrial environment used acid to adjust the partial relief carving and engraving.
Glass is one of the most ancient materials, invented by man that has been with us for five millennia. However, such ancient, it still can not be bored - every generation discovers something new in this amazing material. The charm of glass, its absolute artificiality, a sense of ownership to the talent of its author make art glass one of the most favorite types of art.
Glass has come a long way from obscure icy clot, discovered by Phoenician merchants in their place the cooled fire on the shore of soda lake, to complex chemical substance that is vital to industry and science. However, pronouncing the name of this material, we first of all imagine the exquisite glass, the thin walls of which are adorned with ornate and intricate pattern, or a spectacular vase, striking in the perfection of form.
a child of the second half of the nineteenth century, the era of eclecticism, Emile Galle was the founder of the art Nouveau style in the decorative glass. Moreover, he went beyond his self-created style ahead of time and looked into the future era.
Emile gallé (1846-1904) was a unique personality. This extremely talented and encyclopedic educated man, who gave his name to the whole direction in the development of decorative art was simultaneously a scientist-a botanist, an outstanding chemist, writer, artist and philosopher. In all spheres of its multifaceted activities, he managed to achieve serious results.
what is A glass Galle has an idea any one who has ever looked into the Hermitage, or any other major Museum in the world.
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