Vase, XIX century
Vase. Made of metal. Silver, patina. Height: 72 cm. the Plant's metal products WMF( Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik), Germany, XIX century.

Factory of metal products In Germany, WMF ( Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) produces tableware for many decades. In 1853, the German Daniel Straub, a Miller from the city of Geislingen (Geislingen), together with his brothers, Schweitzer established a factory of metal products "Straub & Schweizer". And in 1862, their company has won at the exhibition in London a gold medal for excellent design and quality Cutlery.
( Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) WMF was founded as a joint stock company in 1880, after the merger of the company Straub, which at that time had a huge income from the sale of its products, two other companies that have modern productive power and uses galvanic method of production of silver tableware.

In 1892 the company WMF created a special technique of melting silver for Cutlery.The technique of this patented process is unique and only available from WMF "Perfect Hartversilberung". The uniqueness zakljuchaetsja that the layer deposited on the Cutlery of silver is distributed in such a way that areas of maximum contact and wear of this layer is two times thicker than on other parts of the Cutlery.

At the end of 1950-x years significantly increased the number of sales of Cutlery with the patented trademark "Cromargan". This trademark was created for kitchen utensils from special steel "V 2 - A" that was in 1927, a large open-innovations. Nowadays steel brand "Cromargan" is a high quality stainless steel. The production of steel from WMF Hotel have purchased in large quantities in restaurants, which gave impetus to a new direction - WMF plant began to produce products only for restaurants and hotels. The creation of glass special strength WMF Hotel influenced by the fact that many restaurants and hotels of Europe preferred to purchase only the products WMF Hotel.

To date, the company WMF is among the ten best companies in the world producing utensils for the kitchen. It has 200 branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; the company brand WMF is represented in 24 locations across the globe. The range of products includes items like metal cooking utensils, and sets of glassware for restaurants and coffee machine and various appliances for the kitchen.
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