Vladimir Nosan. After the holiday

Location:Ukraine, Kharkov
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Vladimir Nosan. After the holiday
70x90, oil on canvas, 2017
About the artist
Volodymyr Nosan is a Ukrainian artist, pencil artist and book illustrator who is also known abroad. Owing to these three abilities his creativity has gained organic converting and sort of conciliation of art and black- and- white art with full and compositionally contrasted generalized picture image. In the splendidly realized by the author experiment you can notice the influence of the far east and home engravings, post impressionism and modern art, as well as of the “severe style” of the art masters of the 1960s.
The artist’s creativity is highly versatile – a portrait, a landscape, a thematic plot picture. The foundation of his artistic search is not composed by volumetric plastic description of what is portrayed but by typical for him colouristic construction. Its range of colours is extremely wide – from bright colours, warm or cold, to almost monochromatic ones with muffled sound. The artist pays great attention to plain linear decision of his works. The feeling of increased expression is achieved by the correlation of plastic and colour elements of the composition.