“The Russian army of the XIX ”

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The Russian army of the XIX
Fyodorov V. G. an Atlas of drawings of KB "the Russian army in the XIX century, 1911 38. Format publication 51,7 x 23.3 x 2 cm Modern half-a handmade binding. Reprint on high quality paper. The edition of 20 copies.

Historical information Presented by Atlas is a Supplement to the book "the Russian army in the XIX century", written by the same author in the same year. To compile the most extensive in its scope of presentation of V. G. Fedorov collected information about appearing in those years the new pistols and rifles. As a professional soldier, scientist knew that this weapon is the future. The publication highlights different types of weapons, which were in service in the Russian army during the XIX century, from flintlock rifles to rifles, Terry-Norman system Berdan № 1 and № 2

Atlas of 277 drawings contains drawings and drawings of weapons of various types, which you can clearly see how improved weapons of the Russian Imperial army during the nineteenth century. The Atlas illustrates the device of a flint lock circuit device, Flintlock pistol, Flintlock cavalry fitting sample 1839, Lettische fitting sample 1843, percussion cap lock device, scheme Cossack Percussion rifle of the sample of 1846, percussion officer's pistol. The Atlas also illustrates in detail the rifles of the second half of the 19th century: Karl rifle, Baranova, Krnka, Berdan 4.2 linear system revolver Smith and Wesson
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