The universe and humanity. 1904
The universe and humanity. 1904

Universe and humanity: the history of the study of the nature and application of its forces to the service of humanity. Ed. Education 1904 In five volumes. In the publishing casements with patterned inlay and engraved with the image of a man. With numerous black-and-white and color illustrations on separate sheets, drawings in the text and maps. The status of all volumes is excellent.

Size: 29 x 21.5 cm

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Vol. 1. General introduction. The study of the earth's crust. Crust and its relationship to humanity. Geophysics.
Vol. 2. The origin and development of the human race. The development of the plant world. The development of the animal world.
Vol. 3. The study of the universe. The study of the earth's surface.
Vol. 4. The study of the earth's surface (the second part). The exploration of the sea. The study of the shape, size and density of the earth.
Vol. 5. The beginnings of technology. The study of the forces of nature. The use of the forces of nature in the home. The impact of culture on human health. Conclusion.
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