“Zaitsev E. A. Painting 1950-60-ies.”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Zaitsev E. A. Painting, 1950-60-ies.
Artist: peoples the artist - Evgeny A. Zaitsev. Watercolor paper. Sizes: 16,7х27,6 cm BSSR, 1950-60-e. g.

Evgenii Alekseevich Zaitsev ((Belor. Size Agen Alekseevich; December 21, 1907 /January 3, 1908 — September 13, 1992) — people's artist of the BSSR (1964), corresponding member of the USSR Academy of arts (1973).

Born on December 21, 1907 [3] Jan 1908 in Nevel, Vitebsk province in the family of postal workers.

he Studied in the studios of Marc Chagall (1920), Vitebsk art College in the years 1926-1930, ceramic and painting Department at Miholapa N. P., Volkov V. V., Kurzina M. A., Lebedeva M. V. Graduated from the painting faculty of the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture in Leningrad (1930-1937), where his teachers were A. Osmerkin, A., Petrov-Vodkin, K. S., and Naumov, P. C.

Since 1938, working in Belarus: runs courses to improve the skills of young artists, actively participates in exhibitions, performs of paintings at the Theatre of Opera and ballet Byelorussian SSR, which is now lost. Member of the Union of artists of BSSR since 1940. In the years 1948-1950 Chairman of the Board of the Union of artists of the BSSR.

In 1943-1944 he worked at the headquarters of the partisan movement in Moscow, participated in the design of publications, "partisan club" and the satirical newspaper-poster "Crush the fascist reptile".

Worked in easel painting in the genre of thematic paintings. Multi-author thematic paintings on the history of the struggle for Soviet power and the great Patriotic war, as well as portraits and landscapes.

Died 13 Sep 1992 in Minsk.

Works: the diploma film "Chapaev" (1937), "the Entry of the red Army in Minsk in the 1920s" (1940, has not survived), "hero's Funeral" (1946), "defense of the Brest fortress in 1941" (1950), "Constantine Zaslonov" (1957), "Albanian series"(1958), "Requiem" ("Oath of Ilyich"; 1970) — all in the Art Museum of Belarus; the triptych "My Republic in the fires" (1963-67), "Unforgettable" (1975), portraits of young partisan (1943), ballerina Nikolaeva A.V., Belarusian sculptor Anikeychik A. A..

in Conjunction with I. T. Tikhonov, has performed a monumental composition in the "pioneer" cinema in Minsk.
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