“The civil laws. 1911”

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The civil laws. 1911
Book I. M. Tyutryumov civil Laws. 1911

The civil laws (code of laws t X, part I, ed. 1900, Continuation 1906 and 1908) with the explanation of the governing Senate (Civil cassation 1 and 2 departments, the First General meeting and General meeting 1, 2 and cassation departments on September 1, 1910) and comments of Russian lawyers learned from the scientific and practical papers on civil law and procedure (July 1, 1910). Third edition, revised and considerably augmented. Made I. M. Tyutryumov, attorney-General of the 2 Department of the governing Senate, Privat-docent of the Imperial St. Petersburg University. Publishing a Legal book store I. I. Zubkova under the firm name "Jurisprudence", the Commissioner of State printing. St. Petersburg, Russia. XXIV, 1911, p. 1683 Size 17х23 5 cm half-back era. Rebuilt title, first and last leaves. Lifetime edition of the author.
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