"Defender"“Alex Duverger, 1888”.
The Sculpture "The Protector"
Bronze, casting, patina.
The sculpture is on a plinth in the Central part of which there is an inscription "Halte-La", which translated from French means "freeze!" At the bottom of the sculpture, at feet, has the author's signature – “Alex Duverger, 1888”.
Maurice Alexandre Veron-Duverger was born in Paris 2.07.1845. Was a pupil of E. Pepin, A. and Bertaux Hiolin. In the period from 1887 to 1899 was regularly exhibited at the Paris salon. Basically, Duverger was engaged in monumental works, the highest quality which has brought him wide acclaim. The sculpture refers to the plastic Cabinet. It is characterized by great freedom of composition, the vitality perception of an artistic image. In the XIX century armchair sculpture were of great importance. Monumental sculptures for fine decoration of the different rooms, enjoyed great popularity in the society. It is no coincidence the sculpture of this period has a great diversity of forms and subjects and the materials used.
Height - 78 cm
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