Zinchuk, A. M. “still life with cherries”, 2006

Zinchuk, A. M. “still life with cherries”, 2006
Artist - Zinchuk Alexei Mikhailovich (born in 1929). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 96х85 see Belarus, 2006. Alexey Zinchuk graduated from Minsk art school and then to the theatre and art Institute as a painter of monumental art — chasing, stained glass, mosaic. Alexey Zinchuk — master of the female portrait, and the heroines of the works often become his apprentice — "Litseistki Ira", "Student of the MOSS".
Alexis teaches from 1970 to 1993 in Minsk art school, and now — in school–Lyceum N 26 at Academy of arts. He has trained a whole galaxy of artists and created many wonderful portraits that glow with love for the Woman and love for Life.
Life is the main subject of all works of Alexey Zinchuk, so each of his works is different from all that has been written previously will be written later, as well as a unique and unrepeatable nature and people around us.
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