“ Golden casket Cartier (Cartier)”

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Golden casket Cartier (Cartier)
Miniature Golden casket Cartier (Cartier) No. 52
Gold 500 samples. The Mark 14k, Cartier. Weight 24,02 grams; Length - 4 cm; Height - 1.1 cm; Width - 3 cm
Cartier SA (Cartier) is a French company producing luxury watches and jewelry.

Louis-Francois Cartier (1819-1904) founded the firm in 1847, then in the form of small jewelry shop. In 1867, Cartier products were exhibited at the world exhibition in Paris, and then began to grow the popularity of the company.

In 1962 the firm was divided into three parts and sold to owners in Paris, Londoni new York. 10 years later the company was again United. With the formation of Les Must de Cartier in 1973, the Cartier boutiques have been opened in more than 20 countries. The largest boutiques located in new York, Milan, Beverly hills, Rome, Boston, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris,Shanghai and Vancouver.

The company has boutiques in Russia and other CIS countries — Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus and Moldova. There are boutiques in Latvia, Georgia and Lithuania.

In addition to the main directions in the production of watches, jewelry, perfume and glasses, shopping домCartier produces a number of accessories that are very necessary detail of your appearance, are the perfect exclusive gift for business partners or beloved dear person. АксессуарыCartier are created by the best designers and craftsmen of the famous French company with branches in London and new York and produced in fairly limited quantity, so buying an accessory, созданныйCartier , you get a unique thing, which possess only the most successful businessmen and millionaires. A number of branded accessories Cartier specially created, limited edition, some kind of event, celebration or by order of the oldest Royal houses of England and Europe and the purchase of this accessory is not only rare, but also a profitable investment.
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