“gold bracelet Sauro””

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gold bracelet “Sauro”
Jewelry bracelet gold Italian jewelry company “Sauro”
The 750 gold. Product weight 27.4 grams. Unbranded 18K, Brev Sauro, Sauro. Length 18.5 cm (without clasp), 22.5 cm (unfolded view of the clasp)
Sauro jewelry company was founded in the province of Vicenza in Italy by the famous Italian designer Sedazzari Ivo (Ivo Sedazzari). Prior to the creation of his own company Ivo has created a number of popular collections to the most recognized and prestigious jewelry houses in Italy. The main element of the company's logo - a picture of a Golden horse. Golden horse according to the ancient Italian mythology always brought good luck, his name is Sauro.

Today Sauro is one of the undisputed leaders in the segment of men's fashion jewelry.

"Jewelry design is not the creation of individual products. It's finding ideas which underlies the structural framework, giving the opportunity to perform an almost unlimited number of models, United by a common concept. The birth of a new jewelry is not just the result of accidental crossing of individual taste, tradition, craftsmanship and precious metal. The essence of the work of jewelry art in its concept, the individualized author," explains founder and chief designer of the company Ivo Sedazzari.

Sauro is the synonym of masculinity and style. Style recognizable in jewelry due to continuous innovation and harmonious combination of shapes and functionality. Style that unites all the decorations, where purity of forms is maintained from collection to collection, where each subsequent decision carries novelty and originality with strict respect for the classical canons of jewelry – softness, comfort, generosity.

Sauro is the harmony of classics and modernity. It is the contrast between the rich traditions of the past, with its exclusively hand-made and careful finish, and the future, where the use of unconventional materials and the rapidly developing high technology.

Sauro products designed for people with a strong personality looking for something new and original.
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