Muki Vladimir. Golden gate

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Muki Vladimir. Golden gate
Muci V. D.,oil on canvas, 40x30cm

Muki Vladimir Davidovich
Born February 22, 1953 in Rostov region. Since 1955 he lives in the Crimea(Simferopol).
C 1969 to 1970 art school(teacher Kurylenko G. M.).с1970 in 1976 Crimean hood. Uch. them.Samokish (1971-73 army),
teacher: Sable V. P., Spikes, A. N.,Labanok L. V., Sizikov E. V. C 1976. Work in the production of artistic and decoration works.
For design work was awarded a medal VDNH(Kiev) and a diploma of the second degree (1992). As a painter - realist exhibited by the lines/x USSR
in several regional (Simferopol), national (mol. Hood.)(Kiev), international youth in Bulgaria(1988).
From 1987 to 1992 is included in the informal Association "the Experiment" (modernism) which was later renamed the "Crimean TOVARISTVO modern
art"and was created as a protest to the areas of painting existing in the Union of artists of the USSR.
(all the time was under the control of the KGB, has repeatedly been "conversations" on the theme "...and what you raschityvaete foundations
our gosudartstva?". Work in the direction of syurealizm, symbolism,neorealism,hyperrealism. Exhibition in Simferopol
Lviv, Moscow, Odessa. Cooperation with the ARS gallery (Moscow)
Mucia works are in private collections in England, Germany, Yugoslavia, Israel, USA, Poland and other countries.
The last 15 years(since 1992) lives and works in Karadag. During this time the participant of several dozen exhibitions of conceptual
(conceptually at Mociu is something creative unrelated to the picturesque can be absurd) in Simferopol
Koktebel(the house-Museum of Voloshin), Feodosia (Gal. Aivazovsky, Museum green).the artist is keenly interested in issues of architecture,
sculpture, literature, psychology, philosophy, etc. the creative activity of the master divides into several periods.
Now the period of "Polyphemus"(on Fictio).About Mukii wrote a lot, writing on Soviet and post-Soviet press(Newspapers and magazines).
Lead short and is not a complete list of publications:
1.Yunnosti No. 5, 1990, colour tab, page 32
2.The 90's almanac Crimea, Simferopol, Tavriya
3.Magazyn ilustrowany przylazn, nr.6(2023) 5lutego 1988
4.Crimean news No. 14(April 11) - article about the artist
5.President Parliament the government 2005-1 page 32
6.President Parliament the government 2006-2
7.President Parliament the government 2007-1, p. 48
8.Art(Ukraine) No. 8,1988,p. 78
9.and many other publications.
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