Lot 80. Alexandre Sergueevitch POUCHKINE (1799-1837)

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Lot 80 | Alexandre Sergueevitch POUCHKINE (1799-1837)
The fountain of Bakhtchisaraï
Second illustrated edition of 4 prints. St. Petersburg, 1827. In-16.
This copy contains the two leaves of the guard, a fake page-title, a blank page, a page with great title, with verso imprimatur, 19 pp. numbered from I to XIX (in the guise of a foreword, discussion... by Vyazemsky), a blank page unnumbered, 54 pp. numbered from 1 to 52 (with an error of numbering after page 40, the numbering resumes at 39, the following pages 40 and 41 are not numbered), two sheets of the rear guard.
It contains four prints in winds, the first to page 1, the next between pages 8 and 9 and between pages 22 and 23, and finally between pages 24 and 25. The illustrations were drawn and engraved by Stepan Filippovitch Galaktionov (1779-1854). They are not signed but well documented in particular by Rovinsky (N° 167 to 170).
Bookbinding of the Nineteenth century, morocco leather, dark green in a holster.
in The second dish, an ex-libris of Mikhail Guinzbourg monogrammed bottom right " АИК " (Alexey Ilyich Kravtchenko 1889-1940).
On the second sheet of the guard annotation giving the date of the first edition (1824), and the author of the first part (Vyazemsky) and a small quatrain regarding the purchase of this book dated December 4, 1926 with a signature to identify it.
professor Ioulian Grigoryevich Oxman was found (in the 1930s ?) a letter of Pushkin to the editor Alexander Filippovitch Smirdine dated October 25, 1827 license to republish The Fountain of Bakhtchisaraï to 1000 copies. It should be noted, that the name of the publisher does not appear on the book, which also has been printed, not to the printing of Smirdine, but to that of the ministry of Public Instruction. So Pushkin could, via his friend Petr Aleksandrovich Pletnev in control of the draw, which was not possible in Smirdine. This was the first book of Pushkin, edited by Smirdine.

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