Lot 1792. Arnould, A.J.F. u. J.E.Alboize du Pujol.

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Lot 1792 | Arnould, A.J.F. u. J.E.Alboize du Pujol.
Arnould, A. J. F. & J. E. Alboize du Pujol. Histoire de la Bastille depuis sa fondation 1374 jusqu à sa déstruction, 1789, ses prisonniers... 6 volumes - ╔In: Ders.╗ Le Donjon de Vincennes depuis sa fondation jusqu`a ' nos jours ... Par Alboize et Auguste Maquet. Volumes 7-8. Paris, (Dondey-Dupré for) Administration de Librairie (1843-45). 1-ground plan of the Bastille and 32 panels stamped, Louis Marckl, Bourdet and Dauzats in steel engraving, Langlois, Boilly, Schroeder and Pardinel stamped by Ph.. Black Hldrbde. the time with back plating (Tls. rubbed u. best.).

Vicaire I, 95-96; DBF III, 992. - First edition, in deliveries appeared between 1843 and 1845. - Complete and uniformly bound eight-volume history of the at the instigation of Charles V built the Bastille, then in the 17th century. and 18. Century was primarily used as a state prison. The storming of the Bastille on the 14. July 1789 was the Symbol of the French Revolution; the plant was razed by the decision of the revolutionary municipality of Paris, finally, two days after its storming. The stones were abroad as a Souvenir much sought after. - Tls. foxing - Very rare.

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