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Lot 45AXT
Late Neolithic Liangzhu culture, ca 3300 - 2200 before
玉斧。中國,良渚文化,約公元前3300-2200 年。長18.6厘米, 寬10.4-13.9 厘米。意大利私人舊藏。

A rare large and great example, especially the patterning on the age and storage of the conditionally arisen. This axe is on both sides smooth and then polished with great care. Ever is amazing what a high degree of accuracy this blade is made. The shape is the same schenkeliges trapezoid of which the lower wider side is curved and the cutting edge. The traces within the bore are typical and impart of the then technical difficulties. Especially nice is the grain, which runs diagonally through the blade. Such Blades, such as this axe, were not used as a tool, but had a purely ritual significance and were associated with the rank of the owner, who is likely to have been in this case very high profile. From the Liangzhu culture is known from the graves, together with Bi and Congwurden grouped around the corpse, quantitative, depending on the prosperity, but sometimes in amazing quantities. In the present blade from the Liangzhu culture is also remarkable that the body is sharpened on both sides convex.Translucency, focused light is given only in the areas to the cutting edge. You can be red to yellowish red, in direct proximity to the cutting edge bright green-yellow to yellow.

This Jade is published in the book of FILIPPO SALVIATI: “THE MYSTERIOUS STONE: Chinese Jades from the Neolithic to the Han in private collections” (publication date spring 2017).

Notes by Prof. Salviati: This beautiful axe is carved out of a dark green, richly textured nephrite jade with patches of whitened crystals on the surface and within the stone itself: near one lateral edge, the stone turns brown and reddish. The axe displays to astonishing polished surface with a mirror-like effect. The rounded cutting edge is slightly bevelled and smooth while the butt is straight and levigated; the sides are so rounded and the hole is drilled from both sides of the jade. A comparable axe, slightly smaller but carved in a very similar quality of jade, with the same neatly cut and highly polished butt, has been sold at Christie's London, King Street, sale, 5889, on 6th November 2012, Lot 74: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/a-mottled-jade-axe-neolithic-period-liangzhu-5611707-details.aspx

Expertise: Wolfmar Zacken & Filippo Salviati
From an Italian collection

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