Lot 1705. Bauer, B.

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Lot 1705 | Bauer, B.
Bauer, B. history of the politics, the culture and enlightenment of the eighteenth century. Tle. 1-3 (von 4) in 2 Bdn. Charlottenburg: Egbert Bauer, 1843-45. VIII, 320, 160; 280 p. - ╔╗ Connected: Ibid.Actenstücke to the negotiations on the confiscation of the "history of politics, culture and enlightenment in the eighteenth century by Bruno Bauer. Th. I.". Christiania, C. C. Werner, for Germany in the Commission in Ch. Bünsow in Kiel in 1844. 2 Bl., 108 S. Hlwdbde. the time (operation.).

First Expenditure. - Tl. 1: Germany during the first 40 years of the 18th century. Century; Tl. 2: Germany and the French Revolution, Abbot. 1: Germany during the time of the French Revolution, Abbot. 2: The politics of Revolution to the peace of Basel. - Wasting. heavily stained u. browned, multi print. gestemp., Band 1 without the hint. on-the-fly. In front of the.

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