Lot 1706. Blum, Right, bottom F. Steger (editor).

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Lot 1706 | Blum, Right, bottom F. Steger (editor).
Blum, Right, bottom F. Steger (editor). Forward! People's pocketbook, for the year 1845. Jg. 3. With the participation of several liberal writers in Germany. Leipzig, Friese, 1845. 2 Bl., 339 S. Model Canvas

Köhring P. 173. Cf. Kirchner 7621 and master's hammer II, 342. - Very rare paperback book, with contributions from Robert Blum, Hoffmann v. Fallersleben (first print: Three new songs; Goed. XII, 372, 23), Hecker, Itzstein, Welcker, Jachmann, Jacoby, Green, Prutz, Themed, among other topics, the censorship (including the repeated pressure from Blum: Our "Forward" victims of secret court proceedings, and the relationship between the Prince and the people, life descriptions liberal men, etc. - In March, 1846, Blum wrote to his mother about the 3. Vintage: "Unfortunately, the content is not encouraging: it shows a powerful struggle for freedom and independence from below, and a huge push Back the darkness and bondage from the top; opposites are likely to be compensated for only by the most bloody battles". - Water sandy u. browned.

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