Lot 243. Collection of economists

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Lot 243 | Collection of economists
Collection of economists and social reformers of France. Bände I-XIII (von 15) in 6 Bdn. Paris, Paul Geuthner and Marcel River 1910-24. Halbmaroquinbde. der Zeit mit goldgeprägt Rückentitel (Rckn. gebleicht, etwas berieben u. best.).

1) Dupont de Nemours, Of the origin and progress of a new science. - 2) Nicolas Baudeau, Première introduction to the economic philosophy. - 3) The Mercier of The River, The natural order and key corporate policies. - 4) E. G. Morelly, Code of nature. - 5) C. J. Herbert, Essai sur la police générale des grains. - 6) Dupont de Nemours, Of the export and import of grain. L. Pabeille. The first booklets on the trade of coffee beans. - 7) J. J. de Graslin, Essai analytique sur lari [...] and on the tax. - 8) E. Petit, a Law published in the government of the colonies French. - 9) Nicolas Baudeau, Principles of moral science and politics. - 10) Research and considerations on the population of France. - 11-12) Claude Dupin, Oeconomiques. - 13) C. Bouglé, Doctrine de Saint-Simon. - Bis 1938 erschienen noch zwei weitere Bände. - Papierbedingt leicht gebräunt. St.a.T. u. Vors.

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