Lot 161. Of preserving good health.

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Lot 161Of preserving good health.
De conservanda bona Valet Udine. Opusculum Scholae Salernitanae, ad lively Angliae, Germanicis rhytmis illustratum. Frankfurt am Main, Ch.Egenolffs Heirs 1557. With Text Holzschn. 12 nn., 281, num. (without Bl. 243), 2 nn. Bl. Blindgepr. Schweinldr. the time (the lid warped a little, the best. u rubbed).

VD16 ZV 13002. - The famous medical Handbook, compiled in Salerno in the 12th century. Century, retained its immense influence in Western Europe until the 19th century. Century-edited - Contains numerous remedies for milder complaints such as headache, rheumatism, etc., Other chapters deal with the teeth, act on the diet and healthy food, medicinal plants, wine, bread, etc. - Without the vord. on-the-fly. In front of the. Bl. 31 & 32 with a larger tear, some slightly damages at margins, a little browned u. fl. With deleted hs. Registration a. T.

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