Lot 31. The Acarya Vasubandhu - Guru of Indian origin (316-396)

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Lot 31 | The Acarya Vasubandhu - Guru of Indian origin (316-396)
TIBET, 19th century. Century
Distinctive of the Acarya Vasubandhu, is shown here with its dynamic Gesture of the argument, wherein he reiterates an Argument by the gesture of the hands to clap the discussion partner with respect to or completes. The collective Debate on a specified topic, usually taken from the statements of the Buddha in his sermons, has long-lasting Tradition which is still maintained today. The monks gather, and as the first they call the Bodhisattva of wisdom, Manjusri. After that, a Text is specified according to the rules laid down, will dispute. In the case of a larger number of students, groups are formed, each consisting of a Challenger and a defender, as well as an Impartial. The defender sits on the ground, the Challenger approaching him with certain steps, remains in front of him and is now trying to contradictions in the defense of the question asked. There is a Repertoire of dynamic Gestures, jumps, Stomping, mostly a lot of malt. One of the movements of the hand indicates, for example, that the knot of ignorance is cut. Arguments by clapping hands reinforced, or attacks to be blocked. Acarya Vasubandhu - in Buddhism, ācariya referred to the spiritual teacher who introduces the student or novice in the Teachings of the Buddha. Vasubandhu initially received instructions in the Hinayana Buddhism. His half-brother Asanga, induced him, however, the Mahayana. He gave a detailed account of the book of Transcendent wisdom (prajnaparamita). After that he dealt with, inter alia, the Writing of numerous Mahayana texts. His main work Abhidharmakosha consists of about six hundred verses, which constitute a summary of the entire philosophy of the Sarvastivadin. Vasubandhu, in order to put social practice as a comforting ideal of the Mahayana (bodhisattva), and founded hospitals, Hostels and schools. Later, he taught at the monastic University of Nalanda. He died at the age of eighty years. Tempera and Gold on cotton fabric, original silk satin bezel with gold embroidery.

75 x 49(120 x 65) cm

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