Lot 1813. Dunker, B.A.

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Lot 1813 | Dunker, B.A.
Dunker, B. A. Dunkers sketches for artists and art-lovers over Paris. Six and ninety radirte and etched leaves, whose Declaration occurs in Mercier's Tableau de Paris. (Yverdon and Bern, 1787). Qu.4°. With 92 (of 96) etchings by B. A. Dunker to 46 (of 48) plates. 1 Bl. Loose in mod. Pp.-Cassette.

Cohen/Ricci 701. Nicolas, Dunker, 102. Thieme/Becker X, 144. - Lanckoronska/Oehler, II, 190: "The supposedly true and accurate moral description of Mercier's is represented with the hidden sarcasm, the Text contains, of Dunker in pictures. The representations are often bitter and grim, and even downright mischievous. It seems, as I have already used that bitter Humor, the Dunkers last period denotes the time trübster economic conditions and the depths of despair, to the social and political conditions after the French Revolution." - Appeared as a result of 96 panels to Mercier's "Tableau de Paris". Title with tiny fault, the individual panels with a small, anger Eckabriß changed, somewhat finger-stained. - Wide-brimmed, hefty deductions.

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