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Lot 13 | European artists and scribes
European artists and scribes

A collection of Medieval and Renaissance leaves, Europe, 13th-16th centuries

A COLLECTION OF MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE MANUSCRIPT AND PRINTED LEAVES, 12 leaves from liturgical manuscripts on vellum and paper [Europe, 13th-16th centuries]

An eclectic teaching collection of leaves from Bibles, Books of Hours and choirbooks, including a leaf with scenes from the life of St Alexis illuminated by the circle of the Coëtivy Master.


(1) SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF ST ALEXIS, two roundels on a leaf from a Book of Hours illuminated by the circle of the Coëtivy Master [Paris, c.1460]. 190 x 132mm. Provenance: The parent manuscript contained an unusual cycle of illumination with roundels relating to the life of St Catherine of Alexandria and St Alexis, possibly a clue as to the identity of the original patrons. Sister-leaves can be found at the Cleveland Museum of Art (The Jeanne Miles Blackburn Collection, no.49); Boston Public Library (MS pb Med. 231 and 232); . Utah Museum of Fine Arts (Acc. 1996.015.003); and Emory University (see also a further two leaves in Ferrini, Catalogue One, 1987, nos.83-4). Mounted. (2) ST JEROME, full-page miniature from a Book of Hours [southern Netherlands, possibly Bruges, c.1430s]. 104 x 81mm. The style has characteristics of the Masters of Otto van Moerdrecht. Although named from a book produced in Utrecht, one of the chief practitioners of the style ran a workshop in Bruges from the mid-1420s, which has also been associated with Claes Brouwer, a name found in one of the manuscripts in the Moerdrecht style (smudged). Mounted. (3) A leaf from a French pocket Bible [Paris, 13th century]. 195 x 132mm, the text from Job 34-38. Mounted. (4) A leaf from a Missal [Spain?, 15th century]. 516 x 336mm, the text from the hymn for vespers and lauds 'Exultet orbis gaudiis' (tear in upper margin, some soiling and cockling). (5) A leaf from an Antiphonal [Spain, 15th century]. 516 x 336mm, large initial 'A' opening the Magnificat, 'Absterget Deus', at II Vespers of Several Martyrs, modern foliation '27' (some fading of text and music, corners a little soiled and cockled). (6) A leaf from a Book of Hours [France, 15th century] 168 x 110mm, the text from the Office of the Virgin. Mounted. (7) A leaf from a Book of Hours, in Dutch, [northern Netherlands, final quarter 15th century]. Large illuminated initial 'H' opening the Seven Penitential Psalms in a Book of Hours. Mounted. (8) A leaf from a Book of Hours [northern Italy, c.1470s]. 96 x 71mm. Mounted. (9) Initial 'M' on a leaf from an Antiphonal [northern Italy, 15th century]. c.450 x 336mm, the initial 'M' opening the feast for Easter Monday, contemporary foliation LXVII. Mounted. (10) BURIAL SCENE, miniature on vellum [France, mid-16th century]. 157 x 108mm. 4 lines of French verse, 'Don[n]ez au seigneur gloire car / Il est doux et clement & sa / bonté notoire dure eternellement / ceux quil a rachetez qui chantent [...]', the text Clement Marot's translation of Psalm 107. Mounted. (11) PENTECOST, miniature on a leaf from a printed Horae [Paris, first half 16th century]. 207 x 126mm. Likely from an Horae printed in Paris by Gilles Hardouin in the 1520s-30s, with woodcut after Jean Pichore in contemporary colouring. Mounted. (12) A leaf from a French printed Horae [France, 16th century]. 132 x 105mm. The text opening sext in a Book of Hours. Mounted.

Provenance: Alexander E. Vida, by descent.

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