Lot 2218. Exquisite Netsuke of the famous dancer Izumo no Okuni

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Lot 2218Exquisite Netsuke of the famous dancer Izumo no Okuni
Japan. Tokyo, 1900. Kawahara Ryo.

Ivory, carved very fine, and engraved with dark aktzentuierten Details. In a dynamic dance Pose standing on one leg, the toes of the other just touch the ground. Her head and upper body back turned. She is wearing a wide-brimmed hat for travelling, in the right Hand she holds a fan and in the left Hand a stick. The chrysanthemums decorated multi-layer garment is held in place by a in the back, long falling to obi. The sweeping folds of the robe that the lady with your whole body is in motion. In the middle of the dance being, she gets rid of the left Sleeve of their upper garment - a movement that is also found in kabuki to.

It could. the famous dancer and the founder of kabuki, Izumo no Okuni, act, embodies an elegant, travelers lady The exaggerated body posture in the S-curve is also typical for the kabuki. Magnificent, multi-layer garment, deep-seated obi and the hairstyle also refer to the early Edo period.

The Netsuke is usually carved, and despite its complex composition, very well balanced, so that the figure can only stand on one leg. Kawahara, Ryo is known for its exquisitely carved Netsuke, which are balanced in their design at the same time, and are expressive. Height 4.9 cm. Signature: Ryo & kakihan, see LA p. 881. Condition A/B.
-Formerly Guggenheim Collection.
-Formerly in the collection of Sylvia and Rolf Schmoll.
-Dutch Private Collection.

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-The International Netsuke Society Convention, Miama, Florida. 26.-31. January 2007

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