Lot 1243. Fargue,L.-P.

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Lot 1243Fargue,L.-P.
Fargue,L. P. Cotes roties 1928-1938. Paris, textes et Prétextes 1949. 4°. With 2 Of The Original Wheel. u. 46 partially dplblattgroß pochoir text illustration colored in. v. André Dunoyer de Segonzac. 184 P., 3 Bl. Loose bow in the illustration. OU, original cardboard band ceiling & Opp.-Slipcase.

Monod 4454. - A v. 195, num. Ex. (GA 252). - The etchings with a view & a Portrait(s) of the artist. Light, airy beach impressions of the südfranz. Sizzling-Hot Spots, in the twenties and thirties, still quite a tranquil summer fresh brought (a lot of Sand, plenty of water and a few guests). - Tls. minimal signs of wear - It: Proust,M Un Amour de Swann. Paris, N. R. F. 1930. 4°. With A 24 Wheel. v. P. Laprade. 2 Bl., 239 PP., 2 Bl. Original signature in hardcover ceiling in the Pp.-Slipcase. - Monod 9329. - A v. 278 num. Ex. (GA 348). - Unbeschn. - Together, 2 Vols.

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