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Bronze with fire gilding
19. Century. With Inscription
This very elaborately and beautifully in three Parts made of Bronze from a rare special form of the Bodhisattva Manjushri and is referred to as Dharmadhatuvagishvara-Manjushri. The Vagishvara “Lord of speech” and Dharmadhatu means the “law world”, the laws of existence, of the cosmos. Manjushri has many different manifestations in this rare, he has four heads, eight arms, and held by them attributes are the sword and the Lotus, in the lower bow, arrow, fishing sling and rod are, in the main hands, the Vajra and ghanta, holding a bell (bell). Manjushri, seated in Vajrasana on a Lotus pedestal and has to sit on his lap a female Bodhisattva or a goddess, the hand postures to möglw. a Tara seated in Lalitasana. Especially appealing is the very careful handling of all Details is here, all of the heads show very beautiful, fine facial features, delicate fine hands and their attributes, the best development of the entire garment. On the equally time-consuming and pierced base front are depicted two elephants fully plastic, a symbolic connection to Manjushri as the Patron of wisdom and the scholars, as in Hinduism, the elephant-headed Ganesha is a God of wisdom. On the back of the lower shelf and the side of a long inscription. The decorated Nimbus has a curved shape and forms the top part of a “flaming pearl”. By the sword, besides the maintenance is very good and complete, all the attributes are present, magnificent gilding. The representation is worked in three separate parts: Halo, a figure on a Pedestal. Ulrich von Schroeder in his book INDO-TIBETAN BRONZES, on page 392 in no. 108B, and 108C, two in a style very similar, roughly the same examples. He titled them as Sadbhuja (= six-armed) Manjushri, both pieces with inscription and Dating from 1836 and 1853. These comparative examples might be from the same workshop as the present Bronze.

Expertise: Wolfmar Zacken
From a Lithuanian private collection
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