Lot 977. Peace, Auer Press.

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Lot 977 | Peace, Auer Press.
Peace, Auer Press. Collection of the first 36 booklets & folder 102, 37 folders. Berlin 1963-71 & 2003. 4°. Tls. illustration. Obroschiert, the first 36 books in 2 mod. Semi-Cover of linen, in 2 Pp.-Cassettes.

Spindler 9, 1-36. - In the kl. Edition of 300-1000 Ex. in 1963, Andreas Wolff, the grandson of the St. Petersburg bookseller and publisher Moritz Wolff, founded the publishing house appeared. - Be accompanied by: 1. A. Wolff. A book dealer in 1860 in St. Petersburg. - 2. Four edition of the Dutch Over. by Wim A. Meeuws with a Holzschn.-Front. v. H. H. Heidenheim: 1 copy of the output A (one of 5 Ex.) and B (one from a 95 Ex.) in half leather, as well as 3 copies of the brosch output (one of the 276 Ex-terminated normally.). 3. Typescripts of the holl. Issue with hs. Corrections & 4 pressure samples, of which 1 with corrections & pressure information, as well as individual pages with improvements to the holl. Text by R. Quartel, Amersfoort; also typescript of a Translation into English (an English edition was planned but never appeared), and 4 (1 is silk) a Sample of the Heidenheim-wood-section. - 4. Various letters in connection with the publication of the various editions and Translations of the work, including 10 letters, with Or.-Signature & 1 post card by Hanns H. Heidenheim to the Mouette Press, 1968-69, as well as 10 copies of the letters of the publisher to him; there is also detailed correspondence between Andreas and Wolff, Wim Meeuws. - 5. Two (1 typed & 1 hs). Letters from the year 2009, Catherine Bach, Wolff, which led the publisher from 1983 to 2017, in the car, to Meeuws. - Together, 41 folders, 2 volumes, among various Typoskrite, letters, etc., a Total of sporadically minimal signs of wear

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