Lot 469. Songs

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Lot 469 | Songs
Songs with accompaniment of the Pianoforte. Collection of 31 mostly printed pieces, around 1840. 4°. With 24 lithogr. Titelvign and most-stamped notes. Ins. Half of the time (signs of wear) linen.

Including: Schiffers evening contains a song of the F. W. C. v. Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Stuttgart Prince without a year specified - En Avant. Music v. Ch. Larsonneur, Paris in the case of Brullé. - Chatting breeze, by Carl Gollmick, Mainz, u of Antwerp, B. Schott's Söhne. - The evening star v. J. W. Kalliwoda, ibid. - My angel by C. C. Tenner, comp. v. Heinr. Esser, Ibid. - Eyes spell. Poem by Kohlhauer, music by Jos. Small. Ibid. - Isolina v. F. Masini, Ibid. Joins tes petites mains (fold your little hands), v. F. Masini, ibid. - De mon Bonheur, je n'ai rien oublié... musique de F. Masini. Album 1841, Paris, Colombier. From dems: Fleur d'esperance. Fauvette Musicale. - Une fleur pour réponse. Romance. - Vous! Romance. - G. Lemoine, La voix tendre. Musique de L. Puget, Paris, 1841. - The Same: Le Forgeron (The Blacksmith). Chan sonnets, Mainz, Schott. - Other. - Tls. floor of the browned, stained in some cases, 1 Bl. with Durchriß.

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