Lot 991 D. Goldammer, Heidelore.

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Lot 991 D | Goldammer, Heidelore.
Goldammer, Heidelore. For Elisabeth and Friedrich Wittig. Gift folder with eh. Congratulations to the 75 birthday of Elisabeth at 16.2. and to the 90. Birthday of Friedrich Wittig on 17.2., with signatures, dat. Saturday, 17.2.1996. Fol. 4 Bl. With 1 mont. Drawing in ink u. watercolor, signed and dated 1993 & 1 mont. abstract Drawing in mixed technique, dat. XII, (19)94 (14 x 19.5 to 29 x 24 cm.), and eh. Text from "prayers," by Sören Kierkegaard (J. Hegner Vlg. 1957): "What makes a person great?" Pp.-Binder with colorful paper of an original drawing, signed v. H. Goldammer 4./III. (19)92 & folder cord.

Friedrich Wittig (1906-2001), founded in 1945, the eponymous publishing house in Hamburg. Congratulations with additional signature of (Dr.) Falk Herdter, the partner of Heidelore Goldammer. - In: new year double card by Heidelore Goldammer of the same. 4°. With signed, dat. u. numer. Graphics (Offset), XII/95, 240/300 u eh. Dedication signed by "your Heath," and annotations. Poem by Rose ausländer as well as settled. Congratulations-line with signature of Falk Herdter.

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