Lot 333. Gothofredus,D. (d.i. Godefroy).

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Lot 333 | Gothofredus,D. (d.i. Godefroy).
Gothofredus,D. (d. i. Godefroy). Corpus juris civilis in quatuor partes distinctum... With gestoch. Title., gestoch. Portrait of Emperor Leopold I. u. figürl. Holzschnittvign. a. d. title. Frankfurt, B. C. Wust, 1688. 4°. (78), 18 S., Sp. 19-130, 1872 Sp. - Offered with.: Codicis╗ DN. Justiniani sacratissimi... libri XII Notis Dionysiis Gothofredi JC. illustrati. With repeated Holzschnittvign. on the title page. Frankfurt am Main, Wust, 1688. (16) P., 1024 Sp., (2) P., 282 Sp., (8) P., 456 Sp., 13 p., 70 (instead of 78) Sp. Leather band the time m. back plate u something Rvergold. (Strong is best., rubbed Gel. face bursts whether. Chap. with missing parts).

Stintzing/l. I, 387: "The most important work which has made his (Gothofredus) name in the latest time so popular as no other, is his ongoing notes provided with the total edition of the Corpus juris civilis..." Follows the Amsterdam edition of 1663, however, in a more handy Quart size. - It was the last two Textbll missing. in the 'Codicis' u. 4 Bll. there Tintenfl above., however, only a sheet of more. Tls. low braunfl.

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